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Have a frequently asked question…?

  1. What is Global Football all about?

Our goal is to provide student athletes at all levels the opportunity to travel, experience and compete while representing their school, their country and their family.

  1. How long as Global Football been around?

Founded in 1996 by former Notre Dame QB and sports marketing & communications specialist Patrick Steenberge, through 2017 our events and tours have been staged in 28 countries on 6 continents.  In 2011 we produced the 1st game ever on the continent of Africa when Drake University and Mexico CONADEIP played in Tanzania, before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. And we have a plan for Antarctica!

  1. Who handles payments, flights?

Long ago we formed a working partnership with America’s premier sports travel provider, Anthony Travel, who from their Dallas office receive all payments, book flights, communicate with our travelers and allow us to focus on working with coaches to develop customized itineraries for each travel group.

  1. How to get information?

The Global Football website, has nearly all details needed, and is managed by Michael Preston, longtime NFL International media director from Great Britain. The Anthony Travel website, keeps updated information about all our tour specifics including: Itineraries, Inclusions, Pricing, Payments, and Registration online. In the effort to always maintain personal service, President & Founder Patrick Steenberge can also be reached at; 817.219.7274

  1. What do past travelers have to say about their experiences on Global Football tours?

“I don’t know how you do it all, but you are a special individual who is exceptionally talented and I really appreciate having the opportunity to work with you to create the Notre Dame Japan Bowl, and to coach so many former Notre Dame players in Tokyo.” Lou Holtz

“Thanks Patrick! The Jesuit football team enjoyed the trip and we have many great memories with our boys. Thanks for organizing and putting on a great event.” Brandon Hickman, Jesuit Prep Dallas Head Coach


  1. What players are eligible, and from where?

Any high school player is eligible, so long as allowed by his grade to participate per his state high school rules. We rely solely on recommendations by coaches we trust to select student athletes who will embrace the ‘Ambassador’ element of this tour. Our coaches generally bring players and families from those areas, but often we get nominations from other states.

  1. How many players will travel?

Ideally our Team Stars & Stripes roster will be 36-44 players, allowing all to get plenty of individual coaching and playing time.

  1. What about parents and families?

We know that parents have followed their children to sporting events from an early age, so we encourage anyone to join the tour!  When practices are being held, Monday-Friday mornings, the ‘Friends & Families’ will have separate structured free time led by one of our tour coordinators, enabling them to visit sites of particular interest to them.

  1. Who will we play?

The Italian National U19 team will happily prepare for this event, eager to test their talents against Team Stars & Stripes. They will be well coached and eager, but as most of the top athletes play soccer or basketball, likely will not have the experience of our team.

  1. What hotels do we stay in?

We always utilize clean, comfortable full service hotels wherever we go, and in Italy especially we have excellent facilities, usually Marriott properties. In Rome we use the Marriott Courtyard which allows a view of the Vatican tallest spires from the upper floors of the hotel.

  1. Who will be leading the tour?

Patrick Steenberge will personally accompany this tour, as he does most all the football trips. We have longtime European partners who know exactly what we need to keep everyone happy on tour, and one of the owners of World of Knowledge tours will serve as our Tour Coordinator. We will also have licensed tour guides to provide in-depth knowledge of each of our key sites visited: Pompeii ruins, Coliseum, Roman Forum, St Peter’s Basilica,

Sistine Chapel, etc.

  1. How do we get around Italy?

All transport will be as a team on a first class charter bus, driven by an Italian drive of impeccable dress and style!

  1. What is the deadline for payments? How is that done?

Each traveler needs to pay a $100 deposit that gets you ‘on the team/tour’. That is all done online,, along with the Registration form.  As we depart for Rome on March 31, it is important to hit the payment dates, especially the Final Payment date. You can also call, 866.913.7169.

Land cost double occupancy is $2909; with flights from Philadelphia or Chicago, the total Air & Land cost is $3699. Check the Anthony Travel site, or call for air quotes from different airports.

  1. Will the game be televised or streamed?

Broadcasting or streaming American football games is less common around the world than in the United States.  Live-streaming from Italy will be decided by the host team, based upon facilities available at the stadium.  If a live stream is available, the link will be advertised prior to the game.