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Global College Rugby 7s Tokyo

Join us in from July 29 to August 6, 2019 as we head to Japan for the Global College Rugby 7s Tokyo in Japan’s capital city.

This will be a 7s format of games, following traditional college rugby 7s rules, played over 3-day tournament schedule.  Tokyo and surrounding areas will be the focus for tours, including the imposing and impressive Mt Fuji.

The Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan at this time, in the fall of 2019, so many of the world’s sporting media attention and the sport’s fans will be focused there. Our event is an ideal lead-in to this World Cup event!

Tournament Technical Master Don McDermott will place teams in pools, allowing teams of a similar level to compete against one another. In addition, invited Japanese teams will be mixed into the pools, based on competitive levels.

Participation is open to any US college rugby team, Men’s or Women’s, representing any size of school or league, ideally in groups of about 14 players and 4 coaching staff.  We also invite and provide itineraries specifically for alumni, families and supporters of each team to come and enjoy all the action and sightseeing.

Interested? Read more about the tournament, exploring Japan itinerary and pricing here: Global Rugby 7s Tokyo

Please contact Global Football President & Founder Patrick Steenberge for more information: Call 817-219-7274 or email