Global Brazil Bowl

A high school team with a visionary coach and supportive community has an opportunity to make history by playing the first-ever U.S. High School Football Game in Brazil.

Grasp the opportunity to provide your student athletes and school community with an unmatched educational experience and be FIRST!

The game will be played on August 16 or August 30, 2019 against another U.S. high school team of a similarly competitve level.  American football is growing rapidly in Brazil, it’s a shorter flight to Manaus than to Europe, and you will play in a World Cup soccer stadium in front of thousands of rabid fans.

The educational experiences of the Amazon River and local Brazilian culture will provide unbelievable opportunities for your student athletes, coaches and staff, cheerleaders, marching bands, families and alumni.

In 2011, Global Football produced the very first American football game on the African continent with the Global Kilimanjaro Bowl in Tanzania, and we guarantee you, making history is a lot of fun.

Please contact Patrick Steenberge for more information, but first please browse through this brochure to discover the experience of a lifetime that awaits: GLOBAL BRAZIL BOWL 2019

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