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The Genuflect Podcast: Creans & #11

Every week, Global Football President & Founder Patrick Steenberge sits down with his favorite target from back in his playing days – tight end Mike Creaney – for a podcast titled The Genuflect: Irish Football with Creans & #11.

The pair discuss Notre Dame football and welcome guests, including many former teammates from their time wearing the gold helmets of the Fighting Irish.

This is a West Neck Films production.

Please check back here each week for the latest episode.




Season 3 Episode 9

Welcome back to The Genuflect with Creans and #11. Our guys were able to shake off that ugly loss and bounce back for an important win to revive the season against a game young Hokie team. They’re playing for pride now, and not to take lightly, a pretty good Bowl Game. Patrick is back from Ireland and saw the game on campus. Mike was playing grandfather duty from Chicagoland. Boh are here to provide expert commentary. And we have a guest who was a beloved member of the Irish from ’69 – ’72. Our big # 77, The Tackle from Jersey, John Kondrk. So enjoy, and get back to us with what you think.

Season 3 Episode 8

What a disaster. No words. But still five games to play. Let’s put it behind us and play for pride the rest of the way.  The Hokies of Va Tech coming in ain’t so hokey. Let’s see what comes out of the tunnel on Saturday. This week we’ve got a real interesting guest. You’ve been  listening to him at the stadium for decades. Warm guy, rich stories. A gent with a real Notre Dame name, PA announcer Mike Collins.  Enjoy, and tell us what you think.

Season 3 Episode 7

Nice Victory over the Trojans. A week off and now on to the Big House for a toss-up game against another big rival.  This looks like a great season. We have a special guest this week with a unique inside perspective. Senior manager Mike Keating ’69 – ’71 has some good stories from the Ara years. Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think.

Season 3 Episode 6

Greetings ND Faithful,  Welcome back to The Genuflect with Creans and #11. Put another one in the W column.  Easy one last week, we’ll take it.  Now the big rival straight ahead. The guys are confident. And we’re proud to present one of Notre Dame’s all time greats for an encore appearance, No. 87 Dave Casper has some USC stories, Raiders stories, fishing stories.  Enjoy and tell us what you think. Beat USC!

Season 3 Episode 5

Now we’re talkin’. Big game against Virginia and the season looks very bright.  Big defensive performance and some sparkle on offense against a big time QB and a fast defense. The Cavs are good and we handled them in the second half to right our season again. Patrick, Mike and our guest put it all together for you. And you’ll hear some good stories about the ’96 – ’01 teams years under Lou Holtz and Bob Davie from our special guest Anthony Brennan. Hope you enjoy. Tell us what you think.

Season 3 Episode 4

A solid performance from the Irish on Saturday against the Bulldogs. 12-0 is off the table but The Irish can be something big this year. They face a formidable foe this week. First hand  observers tell us the Cavalier QB is big time. And they are fast and powerful on D. Our guest this week watches them closely. Take a listen for some really sharp insight. Enjoy, and tell us what you think.


Season 3 Episode 3

And ‘Wake up the Irish… Please”. Is anybody confident we can put together a near perfect game to stay with Georgia? Yikes!  Two sluggish games against two mediocre teams. I dunno.
But the guys see some things to be optimistic about. And we have our friend, expert and former ND QB Evan Sharpley back lending his observations. He should really be on the staff.  Enjoy. And let us know what you think.


Season 3 Episode 2

So week one was less than inspiring, but we shook off the dust and should be ready to play sharp against Los Lobos. Hope we have a bright sunny home opener for everybody heading to Du Lac. The Creans and #11 are psyched. Big Mike will be there among a lot of the ’73 gang.

Seems like every year is the 50th anniversary of something, right? Guess what 2019 celebrates.  Fifty years of beautiful, smart ND cheerleaders! And we are very pleased to have as our guest this week Terri Buck Lewallen. How ’bout that!  Enjoy the pod and tell us what you think at irishfootball@gmail.com.


Season 3 Episode 1

Here’s the Season Two archive:

Season 2 Episode 14
Here we are good enough to win ’em all so far, 12 – 0. Our boys have shown a lot of grit. Is this our best regular season record ever? Bring on the best out there.  As we look back on a great season so far, we are joined once again by our #10 Darryll Dewan. Darryll is proudly carrying our flag in Trojan country. So we hope you enjoy our 14th episode of our second season. And we thank you for listening in to our humble podcast, The Genuflect with Creans and #11.

Season 2 Episode 13
Welcome to Season 2, Episode 13 of The Genuflect with Creans and (this week) without #11.  Black Wednesday travel problems dammit.  Number 11 sends his best, likes ND but is very cautious about it.  We have special guest #39 Danny O’Toole onboard this week. Amazing how many positions he was called on to play. Creans references a famous ND – USC brawl. Glad to provide it for those listening on video-able devices. One can find #91 in the action. Number 11 must be under the pile.  Enjoy Black Friday.


Season 2 Episode 12

Greetings once again Notre Dame faithful,
Today we are excited to release Season 2, Episode 12 of The Genuflect with Creans and #11. Turned out to be a cakewalk against Florida State, not like the old days; but what do the Orange have in store? One of our producers warns of an upset.  Just hope those ridiculous uniforms don’t jinx the Irish. Black helmets… are you kidding me??
Today we are steeping in tradition. Consensus All American, Team captain, College Football Hall of Famer, our iconic go to man – #44 Thom Gatewood.  This episode is a long one, 45 minutes or so; But Thom has some revealing stuff about his experiences in recruiting, his years at ND, and some family stuff you’ll find pretty exciting. Hope you like it. Please, get back to us. Thanks.

Season 2 Episode 11

Pesky Wildcats got a little scary down the end but talent and brawn prevail. Is this a trap game coming up? Nah. Anyway very special treat here with our guest. Joining Patrick and Mike is our legendary #87, Consensus All-American, NFL five time ProBowler and Hall Famer Dave Casper. You’re going to love this.

Season 2 Episode 10

Welcome back ND faithful, fans and friends. After a strong win over the Middies it’s back to another long time rival with special significance. Hear some personal  recollections and actual history of the ND rivalry with what we used to call the Purple Haze – The Northwestern Wildcats.This one is a little long but worth every minute.  Joining Pat and Mike this week we are thrilled to present another proud national champion from ’73, #40 Gary Potempa – he’s really funny. Enjoy!

Season 2 Episode 9

Greetings ND Football Family, Friends and Fans,
Heading to San Diego to meet ND’s steadiest and classiest rival over the last 70 years, the Midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy.  This week we’re pleased to have a very special guest join Patrick and Mike, ND captain and National Champion, #14 Steve Orsini. Quite a road our Steve has traveled since that ’77 championship season. Sit back and enjoy the stories and analysis. Thanks for tuning in. Send us your thoughts and feedback.

Season 2 Episode 8
Hello ND Football fans. We are proud to bring you Season 2  Episode 8 of the Genuflect with Creans and # 11. Nice to have a bye week while sitting at 7 & 0 and in the playoff mix. After last week’s technical difficulties – remember, our producer was an English major – we’re proud to have an ND linebacker with a National Championship ring, and eight children! Number 42 Tim Sullivan ’74 joins Creans & No. 11. Enjoy. Comments and stories welcome.

Season 2 Episode 7
Another week with Creans & #11.
Remembering friend and teammate, Greg Marx this week.

Season 2 Episode 6
Well how ’bout that. Well balanced win against a top ten team. Snapped the Stanford jinx at home. We’re proud to present Creans and #11, along with another ND QD Evan Sharpley. Great analysis.  Enjoy episode 6. Comments and stories welcome. Thanks for joining us again.

Season 2 Episode 5
Welcome back ND football fans. We’ve got a big one coming up with the Stanford Cardinal. But we have momentum with us. So we brought in a special guest, Coach and our #19 Bill Gallagher to join Pat and Mike to break down the game. Hope you enjoy. Send in your thoughts. https://soundcloud.com/user-441651603/the-genuflect-s2-ep-5

Season 2 Episode 4
This week we’re proud to present our #16, Ken Schlezes. He joins Pat and Mike with some great recruiting stories and game analysis. We value your comments and stories. Enjoy.

Here’s the Season One archive:

Episode 6

Creans & 11 talk Catholic vs. Convicts as the Irish gear up for a ‘do or die’ in Miami this weekend. This one’s on Moose.

Episode 5

The Irish keep rolling. Another week with Creans & 11.

Episode 4

Another week with Creans & 11 – they talk Southern Cal and lay out what the rest of the season looks like for the Irish.

Episode 3

Mike Creaney and Pat Steenberge talk Irish football.

Episode 2

Notre Dame Football talk with Pat Steenberge and Mike Creaney