Pop Warner Super Bowl

Since 2010, Global Football has partnered with Pop Warner to provide American football youngsters from around the world with an opportunity to participate at the youth organization’s annual Super Bowl event.

Click here to view a gallery of photos from the 2018 Pop Warner Super Bowl.

“When Pop Warner Executive Director Jon Butler and I first met back in early 2010 and discussed the idea of creating and building a Pop Warner International Super Bowl to be played and enjoyed by youngsters from around the world, we dreamed of having teams representing every continent on the globe,” said Global Football Founder and President Patrick Steenberge. “We started small with North American teams, but quickly we expanded to include a Central American representative in Panama, while expanding our numbers across Mexico. Then in 2014 the United Emirates sent a team, further broadening the scope of the event. Our first European nation, Finland, brought two teams in 2016.”

Please download 2019 Pop Warner International Super Bowl information and pricing here.