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By Antonio Falcon

The teams of Borregos Tec and Ascender Elite will face each other this Thursday the 25th at the Banorte stadium in Monterrey, in a 6pm high school division duel initiated by Global Football founder and president Patrick Steenberge.

The American team is made up of high school students who are preparing to obtain their high school certificate and with the possibility of winning an academic and sports scholarship that allows them to play American football at the university level.

For the Florida team, the visit to Monterrey allows them to expand their cultural experience to another country and face the number annually top program in Mexico, which has won several titles at the high school level, and many others in its senior program.

The team arrived late on Tuesday the 23rd and immediately settled in. They began on Wednesday to recognize the playing field and carry out their practice very in the game stadium. They participated in the presentation of the game before the media, were escorted on a walking tour of the University, then took take the afternoon to take a tour of the center of Monterrey.

Coach Kyle Brey from IMG Academy commented that they feel very happy to be in Mexico and in particular the city of Monterrey, where they have been surprised by what they have been able to find regarding the facilities, and the spirit that exists for American football, in addition to knowing that they are facing a great team and a benchmark in Mexico.

His team is prepared and eager to go out on the field for the first time since November when they concluded their season, and in particular there are several rookies who will defend the jersey for the first time.

Regarding the rival, coach Brey commented: Monterrey is a great team, with a high level. We were able to exchange videos with them and we have been surprised by their quality of play and level. They know what they do, how they execute it and that will be a great challenge for our team as we are facing a great and well-coached rival, in a match where we will be pushed to the maximum.

For Patrick Steenberge, president of Global Football, it is a pleasure to be back in Mexico since 2017 when he came to Tijuana for the last time with the NCAA Division III All-Star Team to face the CONADEIP Team in the All-Star Bowl. He is also very grateful to the authorities of Tec de Monterrey, who from the beginning when he approached them, have been totally professional. to propose the possibility of organizing this game,  at their traditional high level. 

Bringing one of America’s top teams that love American football to brings together two institutions that love American football, but that also share many ideologies, culturally, academically and sportingly. He is very grateful to Tec for its support and invites the fans to attend the game this Thursday the 25th.