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Participating: The Community School of Naples

“Community School of Naples is excited for the chance to return to Ireland and compete in the Football Showcase,” said Director of Athletic Operations Bart Weiss. “Our initial Global Football experience started in 2016 as we took a then 29-man roster over to Ireland and played a very good team from Atlanta. What a powerful experience for our players, cheerleaders, coaches, faculty and fans.” 

“That opportunity laid the groundwork for CSN to travel abroad with soccer, volleyball and future teams for inspiring leadership ventures,” added Weiss. “This year, CSN football and cheerleading will travel again to learn about local historical landmarks, hone their team-building skills and take part in a truly global experience which is part of our educational DNA at CSN. We honestly feel like this is the type of event that weaves a tapestry of “Educational Excellence” at CSN and offers each student a genuine, world-class learning environment to become responsible global citizens.”