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Kileleni Reflections


I am at a point in life where the world may believe I should have some ‘wisdom’. Not sure about that, but after 27 years of leading student athletes, coaches and supporters on life-enhancing journeys, following a rewarding football career at the top of the college pyramid and building upon a myriad of other Experiences on the road and trail, I am able to recall and recount plenty of stories.

My hope, our Global Football mission is to provide memorable Experiences for our client travelers that enable everyone to broaden his understanding of the world, to share those moments and thus create memories they might later recall and embrace, and thus live a more fulfilling life. We help folks travel to amazing places, to share special moments with their teammates and families, compete in the Global Stadium, learn within the Global Classroom, then return home more grateful and knowledgeable. 

My life has recently been enriched by sharing Ireland, Spain and Italy with 281 college student athletes, coaches, families and friends from 3 top NCAA D3 colleges-DePauw University, Central College and Claremont McKenna. The passion for travel, for living each day (and night) to the fullest which those folks demonstrated was inspiring! Soon I will head to Ireland again, this time with 6 top quality high school teams and supporters, where they will relish days on the Emerald Isle, showcase their football skills against worthy competitors, and be an integral part of the Notre Dame-Navy weekend!

I am more fired up today than at any time in my adult life, being able to live this lifestyle which many would call a ‘job’, but what for me is simply a passion, a vocation. Over recent weeks, each day I had the honor of exploring fabulous sites with outstanding men who take on the role of Coaching, of working daily to help motivate and mold young men during their most formative years. These guys come from all backgrounds and could be doing anything to provide for their families, yet choose to Coach, to impact lives daily through leadership and energy. They each decided to embark on a unique Global Football trip of their choosing to provide an incredible learning opportunity for their players. The leaders: Brett Dietz, Frank Neu and Kyle Sweeney were amazing in their organization, dedication to detail, their attitude and friendliness. They were each supported by a cadre of assistant coaches, by administrators who either joined in-country or stayed home, and by those who helped fund the opportunity for the students who I know have returned home better Teammates, better Americans, better citizens of the world.

Looking back upon the lengthy history of Global tours with high school, college and youth sports teams, unmatched by anyone else in football, I know from the bundles of notes and messages I have received that in a small way we are helping make our nation, and the 28 others in which we have competed and enjoyed, a better place.

Most importantly, the 428 teams/travel parties of 50,000+ individuals who have taken part in our events are now able to cherish life, understand their neighbors and count their blessings in a grander, more humble manner due to their Global Football Experience. 

It has been and will be an honor to journey with you!