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Please contact Global Football President & Founder Patrick Steenberge for more information regarding traveling with us, no matter which sport you wish to play while traveling overseas: 817-219-7274 or email

Global Football can arrange a full travel itinerary and an opportunity to play against local opposition anywhere in the world.

The Siena Heights Women’s Soccer team has traveled to Europe with Global Football since 2015, heading to Italy, Spain and most recently to a combination of Great Britain, France and the Netherlands.

“These overseas trips are a lot of fun, but more importantly they help our kids experience a different culture,” said head coach Scott Oliver. “With the world being so accessible through social media, they now actually get to see places overseas first hand and meet people.

“It develops them as a person, just being in a different culture and climate where they don’t speak your language and you have to adjust. It helps us as a team because there’s more communication between teammates, but really the trip is more about personal growth.”