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Global QB Quest

Quarterbacks and wide receivers from around the world have an opportunity to improve and enhance their skills under two former University of Notre Dame quarterbacks as part of a new initiative, the Global QB Quest.

International American football players from outside the United States and Canada are invited to join Evan Sharpley and Patrick Steenberge, who both started under center for the Fighting Irish, in an educational and competitive environment for five days of intense positional training.

Sharpley Training and Global Football have partnered to offer the Global QB Quest to quarterbacks and receivers at the Sharpley Training Center facility in Elkhart, Indiana, this summer from August 12 to 18.

Download full details of the Global QB Quest here: QB Quest

The Global QB Quest will include:

  • Daily strength & conditioning workouts
  • Multiple speed / agility sessions
  • Daily skill development (QBs/WRs)
  • Chalk Talk (Xs & Os)
  • Evening discussions focused on leadership, commitment, goals
  • Presentations regarding high school opportunities and college prospects in the United States
  • Video highlights of the week
  • Nutritional Advice
  • An Insiders Tour of the University of Notre Dame campus and football facilities by Fighting Irish football alumni Patrick Steenberge and Evan Sharpley
  • Observation of a local high school football practice / game
  • 6 nights hotel stay in Elkhart, Indiana, twin rooms, a 10-minute walk from Sharpley Training Center
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner daily from Sunday evening to Saturday breakfast
  • Return transport from Chicago O’Hare airport to Elkhart
  • Local transport as needed

“Want to know what it takes to play football at a high level?” said Sharpley, who enjoyed an athletic career that took him from playing for Notre Dame to traveling the nation playing baseball as part of the Seattle Mariners organization. “Then join us for an intense and demanding week-long period, designed to test you physically and mentally.

“We will leave no stone unturned.  Strength, conditioning, speed, agility, skill, leadership will all be included.  Expect a competitive environment that includes footwork, throwing mechanics, ballistics, weighted footballs, and competitive conditioning for QBs and wide receivers to hone their route-running skills and release technique; a fully immersive experience that is second to none.”

Global Football President & Founder Steenberge added: “As the world of communications and travel continues to make it easier for sports enthusiasts, players and coaches to learn about our sport, there are youngsters and teenagers in nearly every country in the world dreaming of what previously was only feasible for talented and motivated American kids.  The goal of playing at a major NCAA University like USC, Notre Dame, Michigan or Alabama and even the NFL has now become a reality for a special few, and this initiative is aimed at helping expose talented athletes to that opportunity.”

A typical daily itinerary:

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Check in at Sharpley Training
  • Skill Development
  • QBs – Arm Care, Ballistics, Plyocare
  • WRs – Speed, Agility, Explosiveness
  • Strength/Conditioning
  • Lunch
  • Tour Notre Dame (Guglielmino Athletics Complex, Stadium)
  • Speed/Agility
  • On-Field Skills
  • Routes
  • Dinner

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