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25 Year Anniversary Tour

Global Football Friend,

We each look back in our lives upon moments that altered our direction, that changed us dramatically, that helped lead us to what we are today. In 1995 I took a huge leap of faith, deciding to develop a concept I named-GLOBAL FOOTBALL. This would be a way for me to get back into the sport that molded me as a youth, and through experiential education only provided by international travel, provide a means whereby student athletes might broaden their worldly vision, develop into better teammates and Global Citizens, while enjoying a memorably time traveling!

Since that moment I have had the incredible opportunity to explore 28 special countries and to interact and learn from unique peoples of all sorts, and to do it with visionary coaches, dynamically curious amateur athletes, along with supportive and fascinating parents and family members. For the past 24 years this Global Football experiment has allowed me to live my dreams, in ways I could never have planned. Along the way I hope we have instilled some dreams among our clients, and fired up many to explore further.

As we begin our 25th year, it is time to journey again with as many of you folks as possible, this time to simply enjoy one another in a place lauded by poets and treasured by historians, the iconic Amalfi Coast and the Eternal City of Roma, Italy.

We have designed a 25th Anniversary Global Football Reunion Tour for any and all of our former travelers, and family members. You are invited to come along for 9 days with our Team Global leaders where the focus will be on living each day to the fullest, casually and comfortably, laughing and swapping tales, learning and exploring, and doing so with men, women and children who share the common bond of Global Football in your past.

Bookings can be made and a full itinerary found at the Anthony Travel website: