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Tazon vs. Aztec Bowl

GB Italy S&S LogoIn 1997 Ron Schipper of Central College, former AFCA President, asked me to join him in organizing a memorable post-season game and cultural experience for Division III seniors.  I was happy to assist, reached out to my friends in Mexico, and since December 1997 have produced 19 annual games featuring more than 900, D3 ambassadors.  This game was originally called the ‘Aztec Bowl’ until the AFCA dropped their sponsorship of Team Stars & Stripes. Since 2009 it has been called the ‘Tazon de Estrellas’, or Bowl of the Stars, causing some confusion among coaches and players.

Do not be confused!  What Coach Schipper worked so diligently to create, what the AFCA supported for 11 years, what Coach Don DeWaard, John Roslien and I continue to produce along with the top private universities in Mexico, is the Tazon de Estrellas, or ‘Bowl of the Stars.’

There is no event or personal experience that can rival the Tazón de Estrellas, produced exclusively for NCAA Division III student-athletes eager to travel to face the best college football all-stars from south of the border, and to enjoy a full week in Mexico.  All-star games featuring US teams in Mexico are just that – a game and not a week-long cultural and educational experience.

Initial player invitations are going out soon. If you are a coach and would like to invite your player, please contact John Roslien and we will invite your player to participate in this educational football experience in Mexico. We will be there for the 20th year this December, with some of the best NCAA Division III student athletes and many alumni from previous visits stretching back to 1997.  Hopefully your school will be represented.

All the best,

Patrick Steenberge
President, Global Football
7301 Crube Ct.
Granbury, TX 76049

John Roslien
Director of Player Personnel and Daily Football Operations
Vice-President Global Football Foundation