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KiliBookCoverThe inspiring story of how determined individuals from three nations came together as one team to play the first-ever game of American football on the African continent can now be purchased online from the world’s number one online retailer and in store and online from Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States.

Tupande Kileleni: Let’s Climb to the Summit Together tells the unique story of the 2011 Global Kilimanjaro Bowl from the viewpoint of event producer Patrick Steenberge as he took a seemingly impossible dream and created a life-changing experience.

Student-athletes from Drake University in Iowa and the CONADEIP universities in Mexico met as opponents before an eager crowd of 12,000 intrigued Tanzanians, key political leaders and a worldwide TV audience, then bonded as teammates while serving the local community and ascending the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro. This dream came true through leadership, teamwork and international cooperation among visionary, dedicated men and women in Tanzania, Mexico and the United States.

“In January 2010 Coach Chris Creighton of Drake University came to me with his dream, to take his football team to Tanzania to compete, to serve, to experience and to summit Mount Kilimanjaro,” explains Steenberge. “On May 26, almost 18 months later, 134 of us stood together on top of the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, as one team.

“This story should inspire everyone who reads it to dream, believe, persevere and work in cooperation with others. As the sub-title reads, it will motivate folks to Create your Team; Develop their Dream.”

The e-book can also be downloaded or a paperback copy ordered through Tate Publishing at Proceeds from book sales will go to fund future fresh water wells in Tanzania’s Singida Region through the Global Football Foundation, with the first well having been funded and completed in 2013.