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Let’s Go! That’s the title of a new podcast available through Spotify and other platforms featuring Global Football founder and president Patrick Steenberge talking sports and motivation with entertaining leaders, highly accomplished coaches and decorated athletes, who live a life of clarity and decisiveness.

Each episode features individuals who will entertain listeners with anecdotes about their personal journeys, their own challenges, their wins and losses, their teams and their travels. Everyone who gets to know the friends Patrick and Global Football have made during 25 years of traveling the world through these half-hour spirited discussions will then be more eager to face their own daily challenges and be more fired up to lead and to be a superior teammate. This is a podcast about how you can truly impact the world. Search for ‘Patrick Steenberge’ on Spotify to start listening today. Let’s Go!

Click here for a direct link to Let’s Go! on Spotify.

“My life thus far has been full of a wide array of experiences and personal interactions with powerful leaders who are simply great folks,” explained Steenberge. “The fun part for me is that through my work, my passion for travel and sharing with others, I’ve been able to get to some fabulous places around the globe with these individuals and their teams.

“Now, these highly accomplished yet humble mentors are happily sharing their journeys and their passion. Everything of worth that I’ve been able to accomplish in my life has been due in large part to the team members with whom I’ve had the chance to work, to explore, to compete and to enjoy. I’ve also been extremely blessed over the decades to have been led and inspired by passionate mentors, by coaches who exhibit and share their unwavering commitment to success.

“I believe that now, more than ever, we’re in need of superior leaders and selfless team members who are willing to serve our fellow men and women, to live each day with great passion to overcome adversity and to motivate others to do the same. And to do it with a sense of joy and gratitude.”

Kicking off the ongoing series of episodes are six guests who exemplify motivation, success and teamwork:

  • Chris Creighton, head coach football of Eastern Michigan University, who took his Drake University Bulldogs to Tanzania to play the first-ever game of college football on the African continent and climb Mount Kilimanjaro in 2011.
  • Ray Priore, University of Pennsylvania head football coach, a two-time Ivy League champion whose Quakers were the first Ivy League school to play football in China during a visit to Beijing and Shanghai in 2019.
  • Tim McFarlin, a three-time Georgia high school state championship-winning head coach of Blessed Trinity.
  • Jim Lyall, a regular traveler with Global Football during his time as head coach at Siena Heights University and Adrian College who played for coach Bo Schembechler at Michigan.
  • Dwight Thomas, Florida high school hall of fame coach and recruiter who coached legendary NFL running back Emmitt Smith at Escambia high school.
  • John Roslien, associate professor of exercise science, athletic training department at Central College, who for 20 years handled player personnel duties for the Aztec Bowl & Tazon de Estrellas.

So, if you’re one of those people who simply refuses to settle for mediocrity and is willing and eager to help those with whom you play, compete, work or live – your teammates, your family member or office associate – then this podcast should become a regular staple of your weekly schedule.