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Our latest episode of the ‘Let’s Go!’ podcast on Spotify features former Notre Dame Consensus All-American and Green Bay Packers first  round NFL Draft pick Mike McCoy talking to Patrick Steenberge.  Mike talks about his three D’s for Life: Decisions Determine our Destiny. 

Click here to listen to Mike’s episode.

‘Let’s Go!’ is a new podcast available through Spotify and other platforms featuring Global Football founder and president Patrick Steenberge talking sports and motivation with entertaining leaders, highly accomplished coaches and decorated athletes, who live a life of clarity and decisiveness.

Each episode features individuals who will entertain listeners with anecdotes about their personal journeys, their own challenges, their wins and losses, their teams and their travels. Everyone who gets to know the friends Patrick and Global Football have made during 25 years of traveling the world through these half-hour spirited discussions will then be more eager to face their own daily challenges and be more fired up to lead and to be a superior teammate. This is a podcast about how you can truly impact the world. Search for ‘Patrick Steenberge’ on Spotify to start listening today. Let’s Go!

Click here for a direct link to Let’s Go! on Spotify.