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Never be bored – that seems to be my mantra. In a life full of adventures and blessings, I must say, the past 22 years of Global Football has been fulfilling, extremely busy, and with
surprises nearly every day. I seem to thrive on that. While it is not easy, I cannot imagine myself not doing this. Here’s my last 24 hours, which are typical of the tasks I deal with on the eve of an overseas visit.

I hammered on my laptop from 8am after a wake-up swim at the YMCA (gotta keep fighting ageing!), until 1 am, doing final online preparations for the Global Ambassadors China Bowl and tour of Beijing and Shanghai. But in reality, those have been about done for the past week. My Friday was more focused on future events and tours we are finalizing, initiating, promoting, organizing and creating.

Just yesterday I talked with key people in Mexico, Japan, numerous European nations, California, New Jersey and China; most long-lasting friends, others new acquaintances who are always fun to connect with, especially when introduced by dear friends of mine who understand what we do.

My alarm goes off at 3am, so I can drive to DFW Airport for a 6am departure to San Francisco, where I’m waiting now for the flight to Beijing.  I just met a part of our Team Stars & Stripes, high school young men who will be taking in this most educational journey with me and my other coaches. They look just like most high school kids, big, small, white, black, clean cut and shaggy. The wonderful aspect about these guys, and those also flying to Beijing from New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Diego is that they are more curious than most. They are willing and eager to explore, to test their comfort zones and to seek out life and other cultures. Plus, they have incredibly supportive parents, schools and families. Those are the ones who really need to be thanked. Heck, all they will likely get is a t-shirt!

I can vividly recall meeting my very first Global Football travel team from Baltimore’s Mt St Joseph High School, way back in 1996, led by Coach Mike Working. We met in London, and began a new tradition, and a new life for me, that tomorrow when we land in China will bring the count of countries where I have had the pleasure of sharing historic lands and fascinating peoples, to 28. I never tire of doing this with dynamic student athletes whose life I know is impacted in many ways by this experience.

Let’s Go Global and let’s explore China!

Patrick Steenberge